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. July 30, 2014

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Alsace Annuire: a specialty Search Engine for the region of Alsace, France.

Bienvenue! Welcome to our Alsatian family web site! When this website first began, we had no idea how many cousins would find us; our family tree grew quickly in many directions. Our family now extends around the globe with some moving reunion stories.

The participation of distant cousins make this online family tree of unusual usefulness. As a result, this website is a collaborative work.

For the most part, our paternal ancestors come from the region of and around Alsace, Durrenentzen-Colmar- Graffenstaden- Illkirche- Strasbourg (Alsace and Lorraine Regions) France. Some prominent surnames find deeper roots in other countries, such as Switzerland. Are we related? Maybe? Let our ever-extending family hear from you.

New to genealogy or researching the general region of Alsace and Lorraine? Get help with great internet genealogy resources. At this site you'll find useful links for continuing your research even if we aren't related! We also link to sites that relate to the history of the two regions of Alsace and Lorraine or to sites that share the same surnames in the same general locale.


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New! Ruth Putnam's Alsace and Lorraine, from Caesar to Kaiser! Originally published in 1915, we have an exclusive electronic publication available for our visitors only. There are two file versions (right-click on link below to download):

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